Real-Time Control over Wireless Links

My ECSE undergraduate project at Monash University. The primary goal of this project was to develop a system which demonstrates real-time control of multiple mobile nodes over a wireless link. The project included the design and implementation of both the required hardware and software (including the eBug robot).
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eBug Robotics Platform

The eBug is a low-cost and open robotics platform designed for undergraduate teaching and academic research in areas such as multimedia smart sensor networks, distributed control, mobile wireless communication algorithms and swarm robotics. The platform is easy to use, modular and extensible.

ACRA 2011 Conference Paper: eBug - An Open Robotics Platform for Teaching and Research PDF ZIP (Note: This paper is based on an older version of the eBug without on-board LiPo charging and microstepping functionality)

Video #1: [Video demonstrates the wireless control test-bed (i.e. my final year project) as well as the eyeBug - an eBug with vision capabilities provided by an on-board Microsoft Kinect]

Video #2: [A undergraduate final-year project on morphogenesis-based formation control algorithms utilizing the eBug]

Further Information

Design files (PCB project files, schematics, datasheets, bill of materials etc.) as well as the firmware source and stable releases can be found on the Monash University WSRN Laboratory Google Code page.

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