Monash Smart Packet Radio


The next-generation packet radio (transceiver) module (details on the previous generation(s) can be found here) to be used by Monash University both as a teaching tool and in undergraduate and postgraduate projects.


  • Compact: 75mm x 40mm board size
  • Atmel AT90USB1286 AVR operating @ 8 MHz
  • On-board HopeRF RFM22B-S2 433 MHz RF module
  • Utilizes a compact 433 MHz chip antenna (optionally, a wire antenna can be used)
  • 32.768 kHz crystal oscillator for RTC applications
  • Programmable and powered via by USB
  • JTAG interface for debugging and programming
  • On-board One-Wire temperature sensor (DS18B20U)
  • 2x programmable RGB LEDs
  • RX and TX indicator LEDs
  • MCU Status indicator LED
  • Power Status LEDs
  • 20 I/O pins accessible via headers


Further Information

Design files (PCB project files, schematics, datasheets, bill of materials etc.) as well as the firmware source and stable releases can be found on the Monash University WSRN Laboratory Google Code page.

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